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Midland Series Racing Rules Updated 1st January 2012.

The Midland region will use the UKWA sailing instructions see www.ukwindsurfing.com instructions except that;

Amendments may be posted on the official notice board

Information on the Midlands entry form will apply

Information published in the Midlands race calendar / web site will apply

Clubs may vary the sailing instructions.  

A briefing will be held at 10.30am and racing will not begin before 11am. For two day events please see below


Time of warning signal

First day


2nd and Last day


Fleets will be scored in line.

A guide price of 12.00 per adult and 7.00 per junior is advised. Clubs may however vary these charges without prior notice.

Prices for two day events will differ from the above.

Adult (host club 7.00, prize fund 3.00, event insurance 2.00)

Junior (host club 3.50, prize fund 1.50, event insurance 2.00)

The insurance covers public liability enabling the event organizers to run the events. All competitors must have third party insurance of at least 2,000,000. and be members of the UKWA or RYA before going afloat. Competitors go afloat at their own risk. The organizing body and those individuals and or clubs hosting events shall not be responsible for the safety of those taking part. Competitors may join the UKWA at the event. Forms available.

Competitors will benefit from;

4 Events 1 Discard

7 Events 2 Discards

10 Events 3 Discards 

To qualify for the overall series prizes a sailor will have competed in 50% of the events.

Two Day Events

Entry is open to all competitors, but to qualify towards the Midland Region results a competitor will have sailed in one previous 2015 regional event and or qualified for the 2014 overall series by competing in 50% of the events.

The following notice should be considered

Amendment To Sailing Instructions

Every effort will be made by the race officer, club and event organizers to comply with UKWA Sailing Instructions.

Local conditions and or equipment restrictions or other unknown circumstances may cause the race officer, club or event organizers to reasonably vary the instructions without notice.

Whenever possible changes to sailing instructions will be posted but your reasonable consideration of the circumstances and the nature of regional racing would be appreciated.

The race officer, club or event organizer will not expect to hear protests in these or other matters, which are not in the spirit of regional racing.



Midland Region Fleets 2012
(all class rules apply)
Updated 1st January 2012.


3.5 Fleet To include                                      

3.5 open

3.5 Techno


4.5 Fleet To include

4.5 open

4.5 Techno


5.8 Fleet To include




6.8 Open Fleet


Techno OD Fleet To include

6.8 Techno

7.8 Techno

8.5 Techno


Raceboard Fleet To include

Raceboard 7.8

Raceboard 9.5 men & 8.5 women

Raceboard Unlimited


RS:X Fleet To include

RS:X youth under 19

RS:X Open


Formula Fleet To include

Formula Open (up to 12.5m sail)

Formula National (11m sail)

Formula Youth (11m sail)

Formula Junior (10m sail)


B Fleet To include

(any person any kit no restrictions)


 A competitor may be scored in more than one fleet in the series, but not at an individual event.

  A competitor shall make it clear at registration that they have previously entered a different fleet in the series.

  Failure to do so may result in the competitors scores not being counted towards the series.


Midland Region Event & Overall Prizes 2015

Updated 1st January 2015.


Overall fleet prizes to be awarded as follows

3 competitors constitute a fleet therefore a 1st overall in fleet prize will be awarded


The 9 Recognized Fleets are


3.5 Fleet

4.5 Fleet

5.8 Fleet

6.8 Open Fleet

Techno OD Fleet

Raceboard Fleet

RS:X Fleet

Formula Fleet

B Fleet


Prizes will therefore be awarded to

1st Overall in fleet (see above)

plus individual class winner when 3 or more competitors enter a class

plus individual class second when 4 or more competitors enter a class

plus individual class third when 8 or more competitors enter a class


For further information see Midland Region Fleets 2015


A Competitor can only win one prize


All results regardless of prize structure count to towards overall series.


Random prizes may also be awarded






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Last modified: January 25, 2015